Thursday, March 10, 2011

...He set his face to go to Jerusalem.

The Tao is like a well:
used but never used up.
It is like the eternal void:
filled with infinite possibilities.

And so must my determination be: used but never used up.

I've been finding it difficult to focus on my college classes this semester. I'm involved in so many extracurriculars that it's been difficult to do so - by the time I'm done with all the tasks associated with my positions on various executive boards, I'm often too tired to focus on all the reading and paper-writing I ought to be doing. I love my classes and have gotten a lot out of them, however. And it is my duty to do my best work in them. I have enjoyed vegging out over spring break, but starting tomorrow, it's back to work for me. I have a research paper I need to work on and a great deal of reading to do. I've been pretty burnt out since last semester, during which I was exhausted by a plethora of classes I didn't enjoy. I have to remind myself to keep the fire in my belly alive - I am not only ensuring my own intellectual enrichment, but also my ability to help others someday, via a college education. I cannot let a minute of it go to waste.

Like Jesus did in the Bible passage I read for my Lenten retreat today, I must "set [my] face" to accomplish my goals. I must not only be resolute, but tenacious. As Caroline Abbot says in E.M. Forster's Where Angels Fear to Tread, "We must intend to accomplish - not sit intending on a chair." Simple as that.

So tomorrow morning, the real work begins.

Mini-goal for tomorrow: write first five pages of my research paper.

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